Mar 06 2012 From the book: “To Risk Life for the Gospel” By Rufino Maria Grandez, FMOCap.

On July 1987 two brave missionaries felt to the ground pierced by members of the Tagaeri : Mgr. Alejandro Labaka, a Spanish Bishop from the Aguarico mission, and Sister Ines Arango, a Colombian Capuchin Tertiary Sister, who belonged to the same mission.

Dying like heroes they showed their preferential option for Jesus Christ in defenseof the humble ones, the Tagaeri minorities of Ecuador. They got neither money nor medals, but martyrdom, the prize God granted to the coherence of their life with their missionary vocation.

Our Superior General wrote on that occasion: “Ines ´ martyrdom invites us to question ourselves seriously.Which is the cornerstone giving support to our consecrated life?What are our aims and objectives in life?” .

Alejandro and Ines were the voice of the voiceless, the defenders of the ethnic minorities subdued and deprived of their land by colonizers in search of crude and new territories. Both missionaries were looking for an equilibrium between the defense of the native and the development of the country.When the time had come for them to make a decision, they opted to look for them in the forest.And yet for the sake of self the Tagaeri killedthem thinkingthat they were going to attack them.

Ines was aware that her option implied running a high risk, but the hardships and sacrifices did not matter on condition that she could love them wholeheartedly. “I would be happy if I die for them”, she had commented a few days before the event.

A small note in Ines ´ own handwritingwas found in her room as an expression of her last will.It reads as follows: “In the event of death, use the money left for the poor. If I die, I will leave happily.I wish if only no one would know me.I am not after a name or fame.God knows it.I am with all of you always, Ines”.