Mar 06 2012

The Lay Amigonian Movement – LAM – emerged as a public international association approved by the Church in the year 2002. Before its appearance as a legal association there were already Amigonian groupsparticipating in the charism and mission of the Capuchin Tertiary Sisters.

Inserted into the Amigonian Family, the LAM is integrated by lay men and women who sympathize, cooperate and/or commit themselves to live their Christian life according to the charism of Luis Amigo, together with the members of the two congregations he founded.Its creation is also the response to the directives of the Church to share and enrich the charism given by the Spirit with members of the laity.


The Amigonian lay men and women are Christians who, from their own vocation, are called by the Spirit to follow Jesus Christ in the style of Luis Amigo.The model of their way of life is the Family of Nazareth with attitudes of shared love, joint responsibility, joy and service. They are called to be witnessesof the love of God made service to their brothers and sisters in the midst of the world.


Apostolic commitment is one of the most serious demands to the Amigonian lay persons.Accepting the universal call to holiness and the perfection of their particular state, they must make Christ present in the social realities where they are immersed, through an active participation in the evangelizing mission of the Church.

The Amigonian laity, as shepherds of the flock, show with their behavior the characteristics of God ´s merciful love as taught by Luis Amigo, especially in the relationship with the most needy,children and youth, the defense of justice and human rights, and being makers of peace in their families and professional life.


In the style of the Franciscan-Amigonian spirituality, the Amigonian laity ´s spiritual life takes its nourishment and inspiration from the daily meditation of the Word of God, the frequent reception of the sacraments, love to the Virgin Mary and the study of the doctrine of the Church.

All the family members: men, women, children and youth are accepted into the ALM.However, each group ´s specific commitment is carried out according to age and different possibilities.

Why do we not unite our dreams, ideas, projects and efforts to be Jesus ´s witnesses in the world?