Mar 06 2012

Initiacion of the Capuchin Tertiry Sister way of life

The young girls who experience God ´s call to follow Christ as Capuchin Tertiary Sisters of the Holy Family start the formation process within their own families accompanied by the vocation promoter, who helps them to deepen their self knowledge and the capacity to discern God ´s will.The searchers are also given opportunities to alternate with experiences living with the sisters in their communities.

After the first vocational discernment, they continue with the postulancy in a formative community, stage which lasts for two years.During this period the candidates are led to get a clear perception of the divine call, as well as a vast self knowledge and of the Congregation. It is also a period to discover their fitness for religious life as Capuchin Tertiary Sisters.In this endeavor they are not alone, but accompanied by the other candidates, the mistresses and the community members.

After this intensive period aiming at the consolidation of a human and Christian foundation, they proceedwith the noviciate which is an even more intense and fundamental stage of two years. It is now the time for the candidates to learn to center their lives in God and toacquire a profound relationship with Jesus, to assimilate the spirituality and charism of the Congregation and the specific knowledge about consecrated life.

Once they have completed these stages, freely and joyfully they take vows of obedience, chastity and poverty for one year renewable year after year during a period of four to six years, after which they do the final profession.Throughout this time of temporal vows, the concern is the strengthening and consolidation of their vocation and formation by means of some theological studies alternated with fraternal and pastoral experiences.

The formation of the Capuchin Tertiary Sisters is not limited to one period of time, but a lifetime process which enables them for a constant openness and a progressive taking on of the attitudes of Christ.Ongoing formation then is crucial to consecrated life and it is provided to the sisters through special periodic programs for vocation renewal, but above all, they are daily formed by the experiences and opportunities involved in community life.

Prayer-contemplation, Eucharistic celebration, togetherness, missionary and pastoral work with the poor as minor sisters, and a healthy Franciscan-Amigonian spirituality are the pillars to support our daily response to the Lord and our brothers and sisters.

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