Mar 06 2012 Santuario

We are the Capuchin Tertiary Sisters of the Holy Family, founded at the shrine of Our Lady of Montiel in Benaguacil -Valencia, Spain, on May 11, 1885.

As a religious family we strongly experience that the Spirit of the Lord summons us to be with Him and to live His own style of life in order to serve our brothers and sisters in the midst of the world.

To follow Jesus Christ as minor sisters, in the style of Francis of Assisi, who considered himself the last one among his brothers and the servan­t of all :­­­this is our peculiar characteristic as Capuchin Tertiary Sisters of the Holy Family and our specific way of Life.

Fraternidad Comunitaria

We share our faith and lifein fraternal communities in the lifestyle of the Family of Nazareth, whom we take as model and patron of our day to day living making it possible for our founder’s dream to become a reality: ‘You must try to be intimately united among your selves, since this is the secret of strength”.

The atmosphere of our community life is characterized by joyful cheerfulness and simplicity in our relationships, hospitality and a welcoming attitude towards all kinds of people and a great confidence in God’s providence, which was also peculiar in our Father Founder.

Our faith is nourished inthe Eucharist, center of our personal and community life, as well as in the Word of God, liturgical prayer and a deep and intimate relationship with Jesus Christ, the core of history, who invites us to contemplate the world attentively looking at the signs of thetimes. In Marywe have the model of our response to the Lord. Her unconditional YES sheds light for us to live our consecrated life happily.