Mar 06 2012

The cry of the poor is an urgent call to reach them out with the attitude of the Good Shepherd. Our Congregation, since its very origins, has been in tune with the clamour of the needy and has responded with a vigorous charism in communion of love with the Church.

“Love, self-denial and sacrifice” is our motto... to surrender our life for those who can not dream,have been strippedof their human dignity, deprived of food, education and the tender care of a family, or even uprooted from their home land. To all these and also those who are disoriented , without any point of referencein life, the Capuchin Tertiary Sisters want to approach bringing them the tenderness and mercy of God, claiming for justice and the integrity of nature and being channels of peace wherever we are and wherever we go:

  • Educating children and youth, the future builders of a more human, fraternal and mutually abiding society.
  • Protecting and rehabilitating children in risky situations, providingthem with all the means for the development of harmonious personalities.
  • Promoting programs in favor and support of women and families.
  • Curing all kinds of illness and sufferings.
  • Cooperating with the pastoral work of the Church and missionsin places of first evangelization.

In communion of feelings with the Church, we are committed in the task of incarnating Christ in human history;through a new way of being, loving and sharing, we bring our generous contribution to the building up of a new society of brothers and sisters.