We are convinced that our vocation as consecrated women Capuchin Tertiary Sisters of the Holy Family is a great and beautiful gift that God has given us and that accompanying young people is part of our mission; so, we cultivate the pastoral of vocations, searching and meeting young people in order to help them, even in the midst of many proposals for their self-realization, to discover God's call, get the strength to respond to it and be really happy.

The vocational discernment is an approach path to Jesus and a meet with him in his Word, in prayer and in the poor that we attend in our apostolate and who reveal us his face. During this time, we offer them experiences in our communities so that they may better know our life and they do not walk in their discernment but be accompanied by sisters enthusiastic and happy for what they are.

To learn more, contact us: secregen@terciariascapuchinas.org