«The Kingdom of God is like leaven that a woman takes and hides in three measures of flour,                      until all ferments» (Lc 13,20-21)


In our XXI General Chapter, celebrated in 2010, considering the moment that the Congregation was living and the importance to strengthen our charismatic identity, fraternal life and evangelizing action, we considered necessary to initiate a process of restructuration of the Congregation which could lead us to give prophetic answers to the new situations and urgencies of the world.

This process of Congregational Restructuration began and it was oriented by the General Government involving all the sisters. We carried on our study, reflections, suggestions and constant discernment keeping a permanent “round trip” communication and working in a network in order to favor the participation of all.

When we celebrated the XXII General Chapter, in September 2016, our presences in Asia, Africa and Europe had concluded the process of geographical restructuration and the new organization of the demarcations on America was planned end ended after the provincial chapters. However, we clearly saw that a change of external structures was not enough and our objective or congregational renovation still needed to continue walking together and to deepen in the essence of our life

So, in the year 2017, within the framework of the restructuration process, we inaugurated the stage that we call “Growth and transformation” that the Congregation is still carrying on until the celebration of the next General Chapter, scheduled for the year 2022.