Father Luis Amigó y Ferrer, was without any doubt, a man inhabited by the Spirit. Among the many features demonstrating that, we highlight some:

Until the end of his life, Luis Amigó was an obedient but energetic Capuchin Brother; a simple religious, living in minority and fraternity; a loving father as the Founder of his two congregations; a vigilant pastor and a dedicated bishop in the dioceses where he was assigned.

In his Autobiography introduction, written by Archibishop Javier Lauzurica, a great friend of Father Luis, there is a beautiful portrait of our Founder, Father Luis Amigó: “The depth of his being, peace; his clothing, humility. His life was as a peacefully running of a river without falls or overflowing the embankments. In him flourished all virtue: charity, poverty, humility, obedience, austerity, sacrifice ... The goodness of his beautiful soul radiated from his smile, which illuminated his face, a smile that not even death could erase. He possessed, like few others, the rare gift of an unalterably serene life, without relief, without glare, silent on the pure surface of a deep spiritual riverbed ... “