The history of the Capuchin Tertiary Sisters of the Holy Family began on May 11th, 1885, in the Shrine «Our Lady of Montiel» (Valencia – Spain).


Its Founder, the young Capuchin priest Br. Luis Amigó (1854 – 1934), prepared the foundation keeping himself attentive to the signs that God showed him throughout his ministry; knowing the concerns of some people who liked to consecrate themselves to God, he wrote a text of  Constitutions (cf. CW 68), that were reflecting the Franciscan-Capuchin spirit and proposing a commitment to consecrated life, combining contemplation and solicitous dedication to help  needed people, especially in hospitals, teaching centers, orphanages and missions (cf. CW 2293).

Very soon our first Sisters had the opportunity to project towards their neighbor the love of God they were experiencing in prayer (cf. CW 2293): a few months after the foundation, during the cholera epidemic of 1885 the Sisters left Montiel to care for the sick people in Benaguacil and then in Massamagrell and three youngest sisters and a novice were infected and died; later in this same town, seeing the helplessness of the children who had been orphaned by the epidemic, they gathered them in a house to educate them. Thus, little by little, in steps with God, the apostolate of the Congregation began to take shape, and, according to what Father Luis recommended, the sisters always tried to respond to the needs of the times.

The Congregation was quickly expanded throughout Spain and in 1905 reached other places of mission. The first missionary destination was Colombia, where the Sisters arrived in 1905 and, from there, they went for another countries in America. In 1929 the Sisters traveled to China but their missionary adventure in this country was prematurely interrupted because in 1949, they were expelled because of the political situation. In 1971 we arrived in Africa, concretely in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and in 1982 we resumed our presence in Asia, founding in the Philippines.

The small family of sisters that began their adventure in the Montiel Shrine, today is present in 34 countries on the four continents and is enriched by young women from different cultures joyful for their call and happy to be consecrated to the service of others.