Following the example of our Father Founder we know that we are sent to heal, protect and educate those that need us, and especially the poorest, being solidary and sharing their reality, in order to help them to discover their dignity as sons of God and to promote them integrally. As women engaged to incarnate Christ in history and to collaborate in building the human society, we attempt to announce Jesus and his Gospel, through all our activities that we always carry out on behalf of the community that sends us (cf. Const. 58 and 59). We carry out our mission in communion with the Church, and paying attention to the challenges of the historical moment we live (cf. Const. 60).

In our first Constitutions, our Father Founder contemplated as mission fields for the Congregation hospitals, residences for the elderly, educative centers, orphanages and missions but he specified that they were "preferential" areas and so he left open the possibility to engage ourselves in other types of service ( cf. CW 2293; Const. 60). And that is what we have been doing, discerning at each time and in each place what to do and how we can attend the needs of our brothers according to our charisma. In order to fulfill this project, we try to keep us up to date in what is related with our work (cf. Dir. 39).

We carry on our mission in projects promoted by de Congregations or by other entities and everywhere we strive to be an evangelizing and charismatic presence. In many of our project we share our mission with lay people that we try to form in our charisma and with whom we work in communion and complementarity (cf. Const. 64 and Dir. 51).