General Delegation Assembly of Our Lady of Africa

The Assembly is a privileged time for our Congregation which this year opens to the celebration of new «Pentecost» in three of its Demarcations. It is a Congregational life that is renewed and, love and sense of belonging unfold in attitudes of fraternal communion nourished by prayer and details. In this case, the Assembly of the General Delegation of Our Lady of Africa, a congregational event that brought together the sisters of the General Delegation in Benin from January 30 to February 3. Twenty-two sisters participated in it, representing the four African countries in which we are present: D.R. Congo, Tanzania, Benin and Equatorial Guinea.

It was full of joy, dynamism, commitment and hope; prayer and fraternal spirit nourished the meeting of cultures, uniting the different nations represented. We thank the Lord for the availability and openness of the new government team of the Delegation of Our Lady of Africa, composed of Sisters Pelagie Lima, General Delegate; Wivine Muleya, Mbetina Kapwaga and Berthine Mucail, Councilors.

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