Massamagrell, located in the most beautiful area of the Valencian garden, is deeply linked to the life and work of Fr. Luis Amigó. It is the place of his birth in 1854 and where we venerate his grave.

Also for us, Capuchin Tertiary Sisters of the Holy Family, Massamagrell is the place of our roots, the place of mission.

In July 1885, when there was a cholera epidemic in Valencia, shortly after our foundation in Montiel, at the request of the mayor of Massamagrell, Father Luis presented to the first sisters the need to care for cholera patients and then, “ moved with compassion ”, the urgency to take in orphaned children who lost their parents due to this pandemic.

From then until now, Massamagrell is not only a beautiful space and the place of our roots, but also an active memory of our mission in the Church, given to the most needy as Father Luis Amigó wanted for us, also today, in the thirty four countries around the world where we are present.

That first “Asylum of the Immaculate Conception and of St. Francis of Assisi” in the center of Massamagrell, next to the Parish Church of St. John the Evangelist, is today a large compound in which we highlight these spaces:




̵ The neo-Gothic church dedicated to the Holy Family where we find the tomb of Luis Amigó     

̵ The rooms Museum of Father Luis      

̵ The Luis Amigó Residence for minors      

̵ The “Holy Family” school, a concerted center      

̵ The own spaces of two communities of sisters: the “Holy Family” community and the “Father Luis” community, which is the home of older and sick sisters.      

Plaza Constitución, 11, 46130 Massamagrell, Valencia