Pope on wyd 2023: Volunteers are a «Striking force».

Francis sends a video message in Spanish on the occasion of the World Volunteer Day being celebrated today to speak of the generosity of all those who sustain the work of the church with their volunteer work. «Volunteering,» he explains, «is a grace of God.»

«Volunteering is a ‘driving force’ that allows us to go outside the box in order to achieve something.» In a video message in Spanish, Francis addressed the volunteers of the WYD 2023, from August 1-6 in Lisbon (Portugal), to thank them, on the occasion of the World Day of volunteering that is celebrated today, for «their generosity», the «generosity of each volunteer», they who are an overwhelming force, «a force of the Church, an expression of the mission of the Church», because they are the ones who maintain with their “volunteering, the action of the Church».

Fuente: https://lisboa2023.org

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